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The one place to find out anything about Genesis, the game by Jenova Online (Formerly Yikes, E! Online).

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If you have any questions about any part of the Genesis Wiki, this is the right place to come.

When was this created?

Exact date unknown, this project was started in 2016.

Who created this game?

The sole developer: Jenova (Otherwise known around the web as YikesEPooks, Yikes, emoteen134, e, Rumpelstiltskin, Juuzou and Pooks)

So, uh, what's the purpose of this game?

As a way to learn RPG Maker MV. Everything included in this game was learned using documents provided by the plugin creators or tutorial creators.

What state is this game in?

The game road-map is: Beta -> Alpha -> Gamma -> Delta -> Stable
Beta is mostly content, Alpha is mostly bug fixes, Gamma is mostly detail inclusion; Delta is optimization and Stable is the final version.
The game is currently in: Gamma
Last modified 2mo ago